Terms & Conditions

  1. The properties featured in www.aegeanvillas.gr are operated by Oliaros Holdings Ltd, a company with a head office based in Nicosia, Cyprus and a branch office based in Antiparos, Greece. They are fully serviced holiday rental properties, licensed by Greece’s National Tourist Organization.
  2. The applicable rental rates include VAT (@13%) and municipal taxes (@0.5%).
  3. The applicable rental rates include daily housekeeping & maid services and change of house linen twice per week. In addition, on a case by case basis, rental rates may also include cooking services. All rentals commence on Saturdays at 03:00 pm (or later) and end on Saturdays on or before 11:00 am.
  4. The cost of utilities (e.g. electricity and back-up power generation), internet access (via Wi-Fi), satellite TV, maintenance for normal wear and tear and consumption of water for up to 300 litres per occupant per day is included in the rates agreed herein. Consumption will be calculated via water meters. Water consumption readings will be taken upon guests’ arrival and departure. The cost of water consumption beyond the 300 litre threshold will be charged at €0.01 per litre.
  5. The tenants will be liable for any damage that may be caused intentionally or inadvertently to the Properties and/or their contents. In such an event, the tenants should immediately notify Oliaros Holdings Ltd and its on-site personnel. A refundable security deposit equal to 5% of the rental amount will have to be paid no later than two weeks prior to the tenants’ arrival and will be returned (less possible deductions as per above) within two weeks from departure.
  6. Oliaros Holdings Ltd will not be in any way responsible or liable for any damages or injuries that may be caused to the tenants, their family or accompanying party/parties and/or their personal belongings as a result of the occurrence of any accident during the rental period or at any other time related to the rental period.
  7. Booking confirmation is subject to the payment of a 50% non-refundable deposit while payment of the balance on the due date (at least 6 weeks prior to scheduled arrival) constitutes a necessary condition for the tenants to enter the property. In cases where cancellation prior to the payment of the balance due is caused by events that can be attributed to Force Majeure, Oliaros Holdings Ltd will strive to find alternative tenants for the cancelled period and pay a refund equal to whatever amounts can be recovered from the new tenants. Alternatively, Oliaros Holdings Ltd will move the rental period to a mutually convenient period within the same holiday season (2018) or the next one (2019) either in the same property or an equivalent one featured in Oliaros’ portfolio.
  8. Should tenants require, Oliaros Holdings Ltd. may advise and assist guests with their travel arrangements, car rental services and Antiparos island tours and recreational activities.
  9. Limits on occupancy. The rental unit can only be used as the temporary vacation residence only for the tenants who have signed the respective lease agreements and their family members.