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Idyllic and unspoilt, a small piece of paradise, Antiparos is located at the heart of the Cyclades. At less than one nautical mile from the island of Paros, it is connected with a local ferry that drops you off the small picturesque port of Antiparos. The island with the “easy going” atmosphere, it has become a popular destination for travelers who enjoy a more private and elegant vacation time. Antiparos is a small gem in the middle of the Aegean Sea and a favorite spot for VIPs who have found the perfect seaside resort.

It is well known for its premium and luxury private residences located around the island’s beachfronts. The island has numerous beaches, some of them organized providing an ideal set-up as well as some secluded ones hidden on secret spots waiting to be found. The charming village of Antiparos is buzzing with life. It offers a variety of quality restaurants with amazing food as well as trendy cocktail bars with the best vibes. Antiparos, named “Oliaros” in the ancient times, today is an island of great archaeological importance due to the recent extensive findings of an Apollo sanctuary on the nearby islet of Despotiko. Do not miss the Cave of Antiparos, one of the oldest caves in Europe. Antiparos is a great escape from the mainstream. The laid back lifestyle of the island is perfect for a long day at the beach, a charter day boat trip, an early dinner, a vintage movie in the island’s open air cinema or a late night drink to experience the nightlife buzz of this unique island.




Cosmopolitan and traditional, a popular and quite large island located in the heart of the Aegean. Paros includes numerous uninhabited offshore islets with nearest neighbour the island of Antiparos. Paros has a very well known and large port “Paroikia”. The island has an authentic beauty , offers a large range of activities and is well known for its world-famous kite and windsurfing beaches all over Europe.

The island has a rather on-going lifestyle and is filled with great value restaurants, fish tavernas and busy bars at the most idyllic spots. Paros is also well known for its luxury and more secluded private villas usually located away from the crowds and close enough to the great beaches offering breathtaking views. Paros can offer a great combination of both relaxing and intense vacation time and it is the ideal Island for charter day boat trips due to its unique and precious location.